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2019-2021 Vehicle Registration Renewal

All complete renewal applications meeting the May 1st 2019 submission deadline have been processed.
Old decals have expired as of June 30th 2019.
Renewals received after June 1st are expected to take about 3-4 weeks for processing.
Waste disposal needs in the interim will require the services of an A-901 licensed and certificated transporter that has a current registration.

All solid waste and hazardous waste decals must be renewed using an online service using the appropriate line below.


If you have:

*10 vehicles or less
*No leased equipment

Click Here
* 11 vehicles or more
*Any leased equipment
*Have an NJDEP Online account
Click Here
*11 vehicles or more
*Any leased equipment
*Need an NJDEP Online account
Click Here

You will receive e-mail notices when your renewal is processed and when your decals have been mailed. For further assistance, please e-mail your specific question to and you will receive a response within a few business days.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I get a list of my currently registered equipment?

You can obtain a list of your currently registered equipment using the DataMiner report "Registered Equipment-Look-up using DEP Number" available by clicking Here.

2. I own 10 vehicles or less and none are leased. What do I do?

Click Here to complete your renewal without having to create an NJDEP online account

3. I have 11 or more vehicles or I lease the vehicles. I remember my username and password. What do I do?

Click Here to log into your NJDEP online account and complete your renewal

4. I have more than 10 vehicles or my vehicles are leased, I forgot my username and password. What do I do?

a. GO to
b. Click on "Login" located in the top-left section of your screen below
c. Enter your Log On ID (if you forgot your log on id then click "forgot your logon ID")
d. Enter your password: (if you forgot your password then click on "forgot your password")
e. If you are unsuccessful then click on this link: to contact "MY New Jersey"

5. I began the registration and I received a message that my registration is "on hold". What do I do?

Please send an email to with the subject line HOLD in capital letters and include your company name and DEP number in the body of the text. We will respond to your email.

6. I'm having problems filling out this service. Is there an instructional manual available?

7. I've never used this service before and I have more than 10 vehicles. What do I do?

Click Here so you can create a NJDEP online account and then renew your decals

8. I have completed the vehicle registration. When can I expect to get my decals?

We are processing the work in the order that it has been completed and paid for. Typically decals are sent within 4 weeks of payment.

9. How can I get help?

Please email the Licensing and Registration Unit at We will respond to your email within 2 business days. You can also call

10. What is the difference between needing a login and password and no login and password?

No    Login/Password

Need  Login/Password/ Certification Pin

Required to create NJDEPOnline Account



Maximum Number of vehicles that can be renewed - i.e. - “Cabs”, “Single Unit Vehicles”, or “Trailers



Maximum Number of containers that can be renewed



Ability to renew equipment which is leased from another company or rental company provider



Ability to modify the license plate information for currently registered equipment.



Ability to register new equipment during online renewal instead of completing add-on form.



Payment options

Credit Card, E-check

Credit Card, E-Check, Bill Me Later

Ability to complete renewal in more than one session



Summary of online renewal sent to you by e-mail



Ability to retrieve information about past renewal activities



10. I have public entity decals – when do I renew?

Public entity decals are valid until 6-30-2021 and do not need to be renewed now – instead such decals will be renewed in February 2021.

11. How do I register additional equipment?

If you currently have registered 10 vehicles or less you can add additional equipment during the renewal service.

If you have registered more than 10 vehicles you will need to complete the Add-On form available by clicking here and e-mail the completed form along with scans of the motor vehicle registration and insurance documentation to

12. How do I correct information for equipment that is already registered such as a new license plate number?

During the renewal service you can update certain information such as license plate number – other changes require submission of a Modification form that is available by clicking here.

13. I have a question that is not listed above – what should I do?

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions document available by clicking here.


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